CHP | photovoltaics | storage | environmental energies

The optimal energy concept always establishes itself out of the interconnectedness of utilisation, site qualities, energy standard and dimension of the building. There is always more than one optimal solution. We determine all reasonable design and technological combinations including all costs and all consequences.

Classic energies | solar thermal

The renaissance and integration of classic energies, e.g. wood, is more than a lifestyle decision. The eco- nomic operation and the profes- sional integration, e.g. of wood fire stoves into the central heating concept, is a rewarding challange, we are happy to face on your way to the complete independence from fossile fuels.

Decentralised heat and electricity | energy communities

The people who will profit most from the energy revolution will be the people who succeed in creating synergies. This could happen in your home, your neighborhood or within a greater community. We help you through the complex design, engineering and fiscal processes.

Monitoring | economy

"In God we trust; all others must bring data." (W. Edwards Deming)

New energies and intelligent building promise high efficiency and savings. We support you during operation by monitoring and evaluation of operational and climatic data, as well as costs and comfort performance according to DIN V 18599, DIN 4108, DIN 18960 and ISO 7730.